Saturday, June 6, 2009

1001 words.

We, Rainbow Junkies, would like to apologize to those people who have been through bad experience with us. We’re still young for this online business - there are so many things for us to learn. We are humans too, we're not perfect and we do mistakes.

Thank you for all of your complain and advice to us. We promise to improve better!
Thank you to all who have been supporting us from the back ever since the business has been operated.
Thank you to those buyers who have been purchasing constantly through our blog, you guys are the best!

From now on, there will be new rules for a new RJ -
There will be no bidding, first come first serve.
Measurement will be given to those who request.
There will be no chat box - we will only deal through email.

Sound better? We sure hope so.
Again, we’re sorry. Hope you can forgive us!

Rainbow Junkies.

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